A Child's Place

4100 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, OR  97206

Healthy choices

Exercise, eat healthy food, rest, and develop self-regulation. Keep hands clean, continue developing potty skills. Follow a few non-negotiable safety rules.

Frequent opportunities to integrate large-muscle movement during the day.

Children eat organic plant-based meals and snacks, including nuts and whole grains, and small amounts of egg and cheese.

A 20-minute required rest period after lunch on individual cots allows children opportunity to relax. Children wishing to get up after that time may engage in quiet activities.

Children develop and use positive social skills for interacting with peers and adults.

Children wash hands frequently: at arrival, before eating and after potty. Children are encouraged to use the potty before beginning play periods.

Safety: These safety priorities are taught and expected:

  • Only edibles in the mouth ~ toys have small parts, paint & sand are non-toxic but not healthy.

  • Feet on the floor or ground ~ no climbing at school.

  • 'Stop' means 'stop now' ~ especially important during outings and outside play.