As a preschool designed by a licensed Oregon educator focused on creating an enriching environment where young children grow and thrive, A Child’s Place develops the social, emotional and problem-solving skills necessary for positive relationships and success at home and school, and in the community.
This child-centered program:
  • celebrates the growth of each child as a unique individual in a group of learners within a larger community,

  • recognizes the challenges and opportunities of these critical developmental stages, and

  • provides the groundwork for joyous engagement in life-long learning.

Watch children brainstorm new words to a familiar song. I'd not heard this song before nor heard it again.
Tacy and Nessa like puzzles at home and do many puzzles at school. In the photo above, taken in early June 2018, these two are about two years old.  See Nessa looking at the 12-piece puzzle? In the photo below, taken in November, Nessa and Tacy are puzzling together on a 24-piece puzzle.
I've seen this type of interaction (dynamically adding to and modifying another's ideas) in a number of TV shows of creatives, like script writers and musicians. Extraordinary actions for three-year-old children.
Children share a universal need to develop independence and competence. Children learn best when they:
  • follow their interests,
  • have choices with a range of challenge and
  • many opportunities to practice,
  • struggle and succeed with a minimum of help, and
  • celebrate success.
As examples, look at books, building , puzzles, puzzling and science.
Also, check out this page about strategies to encourage happy puzzling.

A Child's Place

4100 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, OR  97206